As much as I possibly can, I absolutely love having fresh flowers in the house! I think it just changes the atmosphere of the whole space and really creates a warm, homey environment. 

I like to shop for my flowers at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and our Farmer's Market during the summers. Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower! They were the first flower I chose for my wedding bouquet and centerpieces - and they're an absolute must have in almost all of my arrangements. And, you get a lot of bang for your buck with them because they fill so much space!

I'm not a green thumb by any stretch of the imagination, but I'd love to share some tips that I've picked up over the years on how to arrange flowers... like an artist! 


1. Choose flowers that inspire you! You should want to have them in every room with you! My flowers often turn into my pet bouquets, following me around the whole house! :)

2. If you purchase a ready-made arrangement from your local grocery store, you don't have to use every piece in the package. Don't be afraid to toss any stems that you don't particularly care for! 

3. Choose vases that have visual interest! You don't have to use a standard glass vase, play around with apothecary jars, mason jars, ceramic vases, tea cups and serving bowls! 

4. Tape off the top of your vase with artist's tape to form a wide grid. This helps to hold the flowers in place and will give a bit more structure to your arrangement. 

5. Start with your focal florals. Make sure you have at least one focal floral from every angle.

6. Cut your stems so that you have varying heights for interest. 

7. Fill in any gaps with filler flowers! I find that small rose buds work well for this!

8. Finish with some cascading greens. I like to add most of the weight to one side of my arrangement and then add a sprig or two to the opposite side to create asymmetry! 

9. Take a photo of your finished creation, share with your friends, and enjoy! 

10. As flowers start to fade off, I'll start stripping my bouquet and create smaller arrangements with the stems that still have some life in them! Even if it's just greenery! 

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