C. Brooke Ring is an artist from Greenville, SC. Brooke holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Furman University where she graduated in 2012.

Her work is influenced by her background in Graphic Design and centers around the theme of femininity. Brooke is best known for her colorful floral arrangements; however, she also enjoys painting coastal scenes and figurative paintings.

The main focus of her work is to communicate joy and capture a lighthearted playful attitude. The bold brush strokes and colorful palettes combined with the simplification of form result in paintings filled with an approachable energy and movement.

Brooke’s work is influenced by her faith and it is her hope that it would bring a taste of southern hospitality and grace wherever it may go.

“I only want to create paintings that make people happy and if I can add a little more joy to someone’s life, then I would consider my work a success.”