Meet the Artist

My work is influenced by my faith and it is my hope that it would bring southern hospitality and grace wherever it may go.

Without wanting to restrict myself to one subject, I have focused most of my attention on four different bodies of work including; florals, figures and ballerinas, coastals, and ram’s skulls. For me, each collection holds a unique significance; the florals - a celebration of life, the figures and ballerinas - a reminder of the beauty of innocence, the coastals - joyful memories, and the ram’s skulls - a testament of the Lord’s daily provision, referencing the Biblical Old Testament story of Abraham and Isaac.

My background in Graphic Design influences my aesthetic with straightforward compositions, the exploration of line, and innovative color palettes. I’m currently exploring the simplification of form and pattern and my medium of choice is acrylic paint on canvas or panel. I also enjoy experimenting with different mediums and varnishes.

I draw inspiration from every aspect of life; cooking, fashion, the world around me, my family and friends, and my travels. I only want to create paintings that make people happy and if I can add a little more joy to someone’s life, then I would consider my work a success.


C. Brooke Ring is an artist living in Greenville, SC. Brooke holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Furman University. Her work has hung in the Metropolitan Arts Council, the Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville, and Artisphere’s “Artists of the Upstate Juried Exhibition,” where she was awarded the “Crowd Favorite” title. She has been commissioned by many businesses and private clients for original paintings.

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