So here's something that you may not know about me, in addition to painting, I absolutely LOVE cooking and baking! One of me and Michael's favorite things to do together is cook! We love good food!!

Especially when it's as tasty as this Frozen Peppermint White Mocha! 

Since it was 80 degrees in South Carolina for Christmas this year, my little brother  asked me if I could make a frozen version of hot chocolate and I am so glad he did! This recipe is definitely going to be a Christmas tradition in our house! Although it would be yummy any time of the year!! 

Frozen Peppermint White Mocha 


White Mocha Mix (I used Ghirardelli) 

Vanilla Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt 

1/2 cup - Milk

2 cup - Ice 

Peppermint Sticks (the soft kind) 

1/4 cup - Strong Brewed Coffee

Whipped Cream



In a blender, chop the ice and one peppermint stick until fine. 

Warm milk on stove top or in microwave, add white mocha powder and stir to dissolve.

Add white mocha to blender, along with coffee and ice cream. Continue adding ice cream to the desired consistency. 

Pour into the cutest mug you can find and top with whipped cream and crushed peppermint! 


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