I had a sweet client reach out to me to paint the wedding shoes of her sister-in-law for a Christmas gift and it truly touched me more than she could ever know. 

As I was sketching and designing this piece, I was chatting with my husband and commented, "It honestly surprises me when people want to hire me to paint something that they've never seen me do before. I've never painted a pair of shoes in my life! I don't even know what these are going to look like." Michael, being the sweet supportive husband that he is, just smiled and said, "Brooke she's seen your other work and she wants to see what you decide to do with those shoes. She wants to see what you create, because she loves what you do!" 

So, I've been thinking about it ever since and I've decided that one of the greatest parts about being an artist is the opportunity to paint commissions! I know not every artist will tell you that, but for me... I just can't even tell you how much it means to me when people entrust me to create a painting to commemorate a special time in their life. A painting that will forever be with them in their homes.

It's just such a privilege. It's such an honor and a privilege to be an artist and I'm so humbled for the opportunity to walk beside y'all. To be invited to take part in your lives. Invited to be a part of your story, to comment on your most favorite moments in time. It's a blessing and it's something that I will always treasure, so thank you!


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