Thank you so much for your interest in a live wedding painting! You can view more of my live paintings HERE! Please shoot us an email to for more information!

Bailey contacted me about six months ago to book a live painting at her fall wedding in Sumter, SC. As we chatted on the phone, we went over color schemes, decor, composition ideas, and all of the fun wedding details she wanted to make sure that I included in her live painting.

As I drove up the long, tree lined driveway towards a big white tent set in front of a gorgeous white plantation home; I started to envision my painting coming to life. Even though I had arrived early before any of the guests were there, I could almost hear the music playing, feel the excitement in the air, and if I closed my eyes I could hear the laughter and chatter amongst friends and family. 

Eager to get started painting the decor and setting, I quickly set up my easel and canvas only to realize that I had forgotten my palette. Thankfully, the sweet caterers gave me a plate to use for the evening - nothing like improvising on the job. :) 

I dipped my paintbrush into a lovely shade of blue-violet and began silently praying blessings over my painting, the evening, and Bailey and Myles' marriage. Something about painting in front of a crowd makes me a little bit nervous, but I've learned to convince myself that I'm just excited! I've always found that I calm down as soon as my brush hits the canvas. :)


I typically paint for a two-hour time block during the reception. After the wedding I take the painting back to the studio where I'll add the finishing touches, paint all of the edges, and seal it. Once I've finished working on the piece, I'll email a proof to the Bride and Groom for them to approve. After everything is finished, we pack it up and ship it to them so that they can enjoy a special piece of art that was created at their wedding! 

I haven't finished the painting from Bailey and Myles' wedding yet, but I will add it to this post as soon as it's completed! 

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